2014.10.19 PAPARU Festival (Tsunashima School)

Koyama Driving School will hold a charity event, called “PAPARU Festival (Tsunashima School), and nikodrive will offer test driving of BMW (X1) with a hand-control. The specialized staffs, who are expertises will attend while your test driving, so make yourself comfortable and confident. In addition, The event will hopitalize various entertainment programs, such as Flamenco, Kids’ mini bike, and flee market. You can be enjoyed with your friends or family members on this date. Please check the festival in person if you life near by.
There will be fourth times that nikodrive is participating PAPARU Festival.

PAPARU FESTIVAL participation will be the fourth time.
2014.6.1 2014.6.1 PAPARU FESTIVAL (Shakujii school)
2014.6.8 2014.6.8 PAPARU FESTIVAL (Akitsu school)
2014.9.212014.9.21PAPARU FESTIVAL (Futakotamagawa school)

(2014.10.19 postscript)
We are also grateful that the guests the opportunity to get to know the hand control this time. The picture is that has been your experience the hand control mounting vehicle.