Introding the hand-control dealer store -OX Kanagawa-

Hand control dealer store, O-X Kanagawa company. OX Kanagawa company handles a wide range of products for the wheelchair users, including the wheelchair of O X-engineering, has been active mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture, is related supplies dealer for welfare equipments.

Representative Morimoto launches wheelchair sales, and is an active person who owns a wheelchair basketball team sponsored by Morimoto’s culture bath chamber of commerce. OX Kanagawa's features is wheelchair painting of OX Kanagawa custom. In this segment, these wheelchairs will emit to the shining beautiful by applying a coating of three layers of the wheelchair frame. OX Kanagawa is proudly very popular from outside the prefecture. The store also displays nikodrive’s hand control as well.

Co., Ltd. OX Kanagawa
Address: 5441-2 Oba Fujisawa, Kanagawa 251-0861 Japan
TEL: 0466-77-9910
FAX: 0466-51-7948
Hours: 9:30 to 17:30
Regular holiday: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays