At Tsukuba Barrier-Free Festival 2014

October 25, 2014, I went to Tsukuba barrier free Festa 2014. This event will have been held in October every year, is an event that can race at the circuit by using a car with a hand-control. nikodrive opened the booth, and I was guided to the product introduction. This time, I will introduce it because I asked to talk to the women who came to the race. Currently, the lady owns 2 cars as a hobby in Iwate prefecture. She told that her boyfriend is willing to drive the car on the hehalf of her many times, and they often mention it would be a lot easier if they had a hand control. (portable manual device) If there is a hand control, you can drive a car of friends, or her friends can drive her cars. Because of a hand control, it makes possible to a wider range of car life that never existed before.

Event Details: http: //www.hcd-japan.com/motorsports/2014/2014_festa.htm