My travels became more fun!

Wheelchair life needs to drive many times for shopping and movement day to day. Handcotnrol is easy to install and drive so I have felt so peaceful with handcontorol to save my movement. The way I love to use is at a car-rental agent in Hawaii. Now, I feel like I can challenge more new activities.

Kimie Ikeda 

I aim for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic games 2020

Recently, I got a new car and handcontorol for wheelchair basketball road trips. My new car was kind of expensive but, I could apply for Auto-Lease system not to warry about match initial cost which was great. I innately like driving cars so I ask my friends to let me drive their cars by handcontrol. I love it.

Keita Murakami 

I look forward to drive with my girlfriend every weekend.

Few days ago, my car got hit… but I have a handcontrol so I could use a rent a card under repair. I don`t need to worry about car trouble, inspection, and accidents anymore. I can drive now in Brazil which is my home country.

Alexandre Asano 

I was looking for such handcontrol with is able to use it at a car rental agent.

I knew nikodrive since my friend has been on the nikodirve YouTube Chanel. I really wanted to test drive before purchasing, so I went to a nikodrive office first. In next year, I have a plan to start up new business and it will have many road trips so I bought it. First time of using was at a car-rental agency in Fukuoka, this is so easy and convenient more than I thought.

Mr. E.S. Ibaraki Pref.

This is so important to use.

My attending physician recommended to me and bought this online. Before that I could not drive when my feet are not good condition. Handcontrols are important for people who have lower limb injury but these were expensive and inconvenient. nikodrive`s handcontrols let my world spread which means a lot to me.

K・W in Fukushima pref.

I met such a great product.

I still can drive cars on my feet but, it has been getting harder for my medical condition. I have been looking for a product like nikodrive handcontrol so I went to nikodrive office to comfirm that I can use it and purchase right away. I really appreciate nikodirve that now I can go anywhere, I can look for a new car, and even using a car-rental!
※Our customer who has multiple sclerosis emailed us.

S in Chiba Pref.

A customer could choose any cars he wants.

I didn`t know handcontrol before my customer told me that he wants to buy a car with handcontrol. A nikodrive`s staff came to our store and let me try it when I got the reason my customer wants it. I feel bad to quote cars with fixed handcontrol since these costs quite a lot but, nikodrive`s handcontrol is not expensive and able to apply for subsidy so I could sell a car and satisfy to my customer. Customer can drive any cars right away is the best point for handcontrol.

F in Kanagawa Pref. (Car Dealer)

I could drive my family‘s car in my home town!

Actually, my car has been installed fixed handcontrol, I had always worried about moving means… since I met a handcontrol, I have never worried about driving cars because I can drive any cars. Feeling wise, this is match better than I thought before using it. This winter was so much fun in my home town because of handcotnrol. Thank you very much nikodrive!

I in Hokkaido

Hello from Hawaii!

Hello nikodrive! How are you? I am in Hawaii now for vacation. I have been renting a car and driving around Hawaii which is really nice! I am now totally getting used to it.
※This is e-mail from our customer. Also, He says he is happy to share.

T in Chiba Pref.