You buy a car and handcontrol together

1 year warranty, alternate support and Free shipping

Introduction of Handcontrol ~for Lower Limbs Disorders~

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Handcontrol (NDF-2015)

■No worries you have physical disability, you can drive any cars any time.

Able to drive any cars, Portable Hand Gas and Brake Assist Hancontrol. No labor to install your own car anymore. You can install and uninstall handcontrol to any cars by yourself without any equipment. Test drive at car dealers, Rent a car during travel, and driving a loaner by a car accident. You can use in many situations.

■Product is designed for disabled drivers to install and drive cars by themselves.

No labor to install your own car anymore. You can install and uninstall handcontrol to any cars by yourself without any equipment.

■Solving problems for wheelchair car drivers

Test drive for buying new cars, rent a car for travel, driving a loaner by a car accident and car maintenances. You can use in many situations.

Pull = Gas, Push = Brake easy handling. Weight less than 1kg and trance formable for travel. Drive any cars, go out anywhere with handcontrol.

■nikodrive wants customers to drive like…

Physical disabilities who are difficult to gas and brake by hand such as Spinal Card Injury, Spina Bifida, Leg Amputee, Neurological disorder, Cardiovascular and Joint disease.



Commercial video of nikodrive


The video about How to use


1. Choosing a car

Choose a car that you like. Handcotnrol fits your situations such as Test Drive, Rent a Car, Driving School, and Car sharing. You can use handctontrol in many situations.

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2. Install

Install Gas and Brake peddles. Takes less than 5mins even first time. Also, easy to uninstall as well.

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3. Basic Operation

Pull = Gas, Push = Brake. Introduce Principle of Leverage Technology to make it easy handling.

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4. Go Drive

Why don`t you go drive? You can do anywhere anytime on your own.


1 year warranty, alternate support and Free shipping

Massage form Founder

Take going out easy.
More fun.

CEO / FounderKohei Jimmura

Traffic road has been already accessible in the world.
Let us create society of free to go out over the world,
resolving unequal movement of vehicle for physical disabilities.
Our mission is creating challengeable society for physical disabilities.

  • 1.Started in Wheelchair Life Suddenly

    I had an injury by a car accident.

    I had an injury by a car accident. After a few weeks I got a motorcycle driver`s license, I noticed in a hospital bed few days after a car accident and I was told I can not walk in my life. I thought my life ended.

  • 2.Encounter the inventor and Established

    Trigger was Encounter of the handcotrol inventor, Masafumi Araki.

    When Mr. Araki and I just started business together, he told me his a short life expectancy on the phone. I determined to establish a company with his will.

  • 3.Social Entrepreneurship

    For all people have who have physical disability can go anywhere on their own by cars.

    Life is once for anyone. We engaged our mission for people who have physical disabilities feel that life is good.



Users`s Interview

Handcontrol User Interview

Became more fun to travel.

I mainly drive my car for stuff to do, handcotrol is easy to install and drive so I am fine to have one handcontrol to go anywhere by cars. I always drive cars in Hawaii on vacation. Handcontrol gives me to expend action range, so that I can challenge many things even more.

Kimie Ikeda

I aim to play at 2020 Paralympic Games

Recently, I got a new car for wheelchair basketball practice and road trips. At the time, Residual Value Set Lease was applicable, so now I don`t warry about down payment and trade in anymore.

Keita Murakami

Now, I do not warry about car broke down anymore.

Few days ago, I got hit a hit my car and had to fit it. Now, I have been able to take a loaner with Handcotnrol. Also, this is so convenient to use in Brazil my home country.

Alexandre Asano

1 year warranty, alternate support and Free shipping

Free Driving Trial Service ※ Japan Only

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Free Driving Trial User Interview


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4 Safety Tests for Delivery Customer`s Safety

We have tested 4 Safety Tests in use environment for customers enjoy driving with no worries. The Safety Tests have implemented by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association.


1.Vibration Test

For confirming not to lose bolts and nuts during driving cars. ※Conformance JIS D1601
To fix Handcontrol and give vibration 2 hours up and down, 2 hours left and right, and 2hours back and forward.And confirming not to find any cracks and unusual.

2.Load Test

For confirming to endure pressure-resistant on sudden braking.
To give 120kg pressure for 1 minute and confirm any unusual movements.

3.High-Temperature Storage Test

For confirming to endure high temperature such as hotness in summer and hot air condition in winter. ※JIS D0204-1907
To leave handcontrol to 80 celsius for one hour and comfirm any unusual movements.

4.Repetition Durability Test

For confirming durability for customers can use a same product for a long period of time.
To repeat Gas and Break 200,000 times to confirm any unusual movements.

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