2014.10.25 Kanariha Rehab. Engineering Welfare Equipment Festival 2014

We wil exhibit at Kanariha Rehab. Engineering Welfare Equipment Festival 2014 in Atsugi City. We will not only exhibit a Hand-control, but also display a variety of welfare tools, tablet, Nintendo Wii, and degital skiing that allow to play with a wheelchair. Please stop by at our booth!

Dates: Saturday, October 25, 2014 10:00 to 16:00
Venue: Kanagawa Rehabilitation Center (Atsugi City Nanasawa 516)

Gymnasium and physical therapy training room → welfare equipment and mobile equipment exhibition and other experiences.

· Main building underground parking → welfare automobile exhibition for vehicle and people with disabilities.
· Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory → gait analysis, experience prosthetic leg, pressure by sitting measurement, and other experiences.

▼手で踏めるアクセル・ブレーキ ハンドコントロール
営業時間 / 平日10:00-19:00 ※土日祝は電話対応のみ
TEL :044-712-7025